$ pip install -U view.py

Use view.py as a micro web framework

from view import new_app

app = new_app()

@app.query("greeting", str, default="Hello")
def index(greeting: str):
    return f"{greeting}, view.py!"


...Or as fullstack

# routes/index.py
from view import get, query, template

@query("greeting", str, default="Hello")
async def index(greeting: str):
    # greeting is automatically accessible via the template
    return await template("index")

# Filesystem Based Routing

Affiliated With

Space Hosting

Lightning Fast

With the core built in pure C, View is extremely fast, outperforming some of the top web frameworks. It's PyAwaitable API makes view.py the first framework to implement ASGI in C, without the use of external transpilers.

Easy to Learn

Intuitive API's specifically designed for ease of use, as well as a rich documentation make view.py quick and easy to pick up. Get support from the developers themselves on the discord.


We'll provide a way to do something right out of the box, but won't make you use it, and instead will natively support external libraries, meaning you don't have to relearn anything if you don't want to.