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System Requirements requires CPython 3.8 or above.

What is CPython?

CPython is the reference/official implementation of Python. If you downloaded Python through or some sort of system package manager (e.g. apt, pacman, brew), it's probably CPython.

pipx can install CLIs into isolated environments. recommends using pipx for installation, and then using view init to initialize a virtual environment in projects. For example:

$ pipx install
... pipx output
$ view init

Installing via Pip

$ pip install

Development Version

$ pip install git+


To ensure you've installed correctly, run the view command:

$ view


On Linux, view is already a command! Read about it here, but in short, it opens vi in read only mode. You can either shadow this command with's CLI, or use the view-admin command instead, which is an alias. This documentation will assume you use view instead of view-admin, but note that they do the exact same thing.

If this doesn't work properly, try executing via Python:

$ python3 -m view